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How Effective Is Your Anti-Ageing Skin Care Product? Best Anti-Ageing Skin Care Products You Can Use!

Does Your Anti-Ageing Skin Care Product Contain The Latest Breakthrough Ingredients? Elite “Big Brand Name” Skin Care Formulas are up to two years behind the times!

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Do you believe that an expensive anti-ageing skincare product from one of the famous “Elite” brand-name companies will give you the most effective results possible because they contain the latest up-to-date formulas based on the most recent break-through ingredients?

The “Big Brand Name” companies have educated us over the years that the more expensive a product is, the better it works!

But is this true? No, It is not! It is nothing more than a clever illusion!

Here is why!

The famous big-brand name skincare companies have HUGE organizational structures and highly complicated supply-chain/distribution set-ups. The logistics of releasing a new formula to tens of thousands of outlets worldwide is a MAJORLY COMPLEX PROJECT!

For this reason, they require very long lead, in times to release a new formula/product. Generally speaking, a two-year lead-in period is pretty close to the mark! Unlike smaller “lean” companies, when a new ingredient breakthrough or innovation comes along, the big brand name companies cannot simply reformulate and get a new product to market within a handful of months. It is just not possible!

This is the simple reason why expensive “elite” brand anti-ageing skincare products are not up to date and are not based on the most effective skincare science currently available. But they rely on sophisticated marketing to create an illusion that they are.!

Anti-Ageing Skin Care Products Clever Marketing Presentations

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All anti-ageing skincare product companies know what consumers expect these days from an effective anti-ageing skin product. It must (tangibly) reduce the visible signs of ageing by addressing several key factors:

  • Reduce/diminish fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Target sun damage- age spots, freckles, and discolorations/blotches.
  • Firm up the skin and improve elasticity, and
  • Overall, create a visible more youthful appearance.

The elite brand companies in particular go to great lengths and expense to educate us on the latest, most advanced skin rejuvenation technology which can achieve these product goals. (This expense helps to inflate the purchase price of their products.!)

For example, ask any female skincare consumer under the age of 50 about the latest anti-ageing skincare product science and they”ll tell you in so many words that it involves a 3 pronged approach:

  • Addressing the loss of collagen and elastin using ingredients to boost their levels.
  • Addressing lower levels of hyaluronic acid using proven ingredients to boost hyaluronic acid levels.
  • Reducing the destructive effects of oxidation from the action of free radical by using powerful antioxidant ingredients to neutralize the damageing effects of free radicals.

So, even though they proudly teach us that these are the three cutting edges scientific “basics” needed to properly address the causes of skin ageing, do the expensive big brand name products contain highly effective “anti-ageing” ingredients to address all three?


For the reasons, I explained above they cannot afford to tackle all three. A simple evaluation of their active ingredients reveals they usually target only one and in the best-case scenario, “two,” of the causes of skin ageing.! What you must keep in mind here is that these fundamental causes of skin ageing are INTERRELATED and INTERDEPENDENT on one another so unless you address all three of them (at the same time) you will not be successful with your anti-ageing program.

The bottom line therefore when evaluating the “effectiveness” angle of any anti-ageing skin care treatment, is to make sure a product contains clinically proven ingredients that address ALL THREE causes of skin ageing.

Now, that is just for starters. There are effective “anti-ageing” ingredients and then there are highly effective “anti-ageing” ingredients! So, if you are serious about your anti-ageing efforts AND expect excellent value for the money you spend, you must carefully consider the “DEGREE OF EFFECTIVENESS” of the “anti-ageing” ingredients used in an anti-ageing skincare product!

This is where the elite brand companies have things to hide. They are impacted by expense heavy marketing and distribution and their huge cost-ineffective organizational structures. They are also under immense pressure (i.e. GREED) by shareholders and stakeholders to generate increased bottom line profits.

So, even though they manage to include some “proven” anti-ageing ingredients (up to 2 years “old” and no longer the “most effective” choices) and even though their formulas do not address all three causes of skin ageing, their cost/profit pressure and the fact that they manufacture products to a set price, means that they can only afford to include the key anti-ageing ingredients in VERY SMALL QUANTITIES.

What is common in the skincare industry is to use an effective, proven ingredient for which a label claim can be made but include it in minute quantities! In other words, the ingredient amounts used are nowhere near the levels at which the ingredient has been proven effective in clinical studies.

If, for example the most effective results were achieved with a 3% concentration then that is what a skincare company should use. Instead, we see companies putting in 0.2% rather than 3% so that legally they can make a label claim. The rest of the formula is primarily water, glycerine, and other ingredients to create the cream.

Remember Skincare products do not list the quantities of their active ingredients!

Value for Money Anti-Ageing Skin Care Products

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The minute concentrations of active ingredients used in elite brand products make it impossible for those products to achieve the full extent of their marketing claims for the majority of users. By keeping any “product result test groups” extremely small and marketing product benefits in a generalized, non-measurable way, the big brand name companies can “create” and control an illusion of the truth.

I want to make it clear that I am not saying that you cannot achieve tangible “real” anti-ageing results from an elite brand anti-ageing skincare product! What I want to impress on you however is that those results are not the most effective possible (from a clinical/scientific standpoint) and they offer very poor value with their grossly over-inflated purchase prices.

The famous “elite” brand anti-ageing skincare creams and serums are not priced according to the cost of manufacturing them but rather at the very highest level, the market will bear. Paying around $70, $80, $100, and beyond is essentially wasting money. It is simply not necessary to part with this kind of money to get the results you are after. The other crucial issue to consider with elite brand name skincare products is their safety. This is a critical topic to understand and It is something the majority of companies (including the elite brands) go to great lengths to keep from you. Use this link to learn about dangerous anti-ageing facial skincare products.

Most Effective Anti-Ageing Skin Care Products

The safest and clinically most effective anti-ageing skincare products are manufactured and released by smaller medium-sized companies, who, for the most part, you are unlikely to know about (unless you are in the know!). That is simply because they do not have or rely on massive marketing budgets like the famous elite brands do to generate a huge marketing reach.

Instead, their marketing philosophies are based on word of mouth from satisfied customers and they are selling directly to the customer through the internet only. This represents the most cost-effective business model currently available. By avoiding costly marketing and distribution methodologies they can channel huge savings back into their products. This means:

  • The latest, most effective breakthrough active ingredients,
  • In clinically effective quantities,
  • The use of (far more costly) all-natural ingredients and complete avoidance of chemical-based ingredients.

On top of this comes one last crucial factor, and this is what moves the best skincare companies to the top of the pack. They keep their profit margins low and price their products according to the cost of manufacturing them. (They settle for a fair profit.!)


In this post, I have referred a lot to the “most effective” anti-ageing skincare product ingredients. These are of course what we all want to know about and investigate. So, with this in mind, in my next post I am going to discuss the “BIG THREE.”

The “Big Three” are the latest breakthrough anti-ageing ingredients! The clinical studies supporting them, particularly in respect of stimulating collagen and elastin regrowth and for boosting hyaluronic acid levels, are excellent. That is why they”re being called the “Big Three”!

My friends and associates (aka. “spies”) in the skincare industry tell me that the elite brand companies are currently gearing up to release new anti-ageing skincare cream products based around the “Big Three”. (But if you are devoted to the expensive elite brand products, you”ll be waiting a long time to benefit from them. Remember those long lead-in times!)

The company which manufactures the anti-ageing skincare product I use already contains the “Big Three”. The bottom line of why I choose to use this company’s products is simply because they use the “Big Three” in the same concentrations as those used in successful clinical studies.

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